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Watch out for ticks!

Watch out! Ticks! Vaccination offers the safest protection against TBE If you wish to be vaccinated, please make an appointment in advance! The TBE vaccination is subject to a charge: +43 1 544 44 45 or × Dismiss this alert. Tick bite: What now? Remove the tick as soon as possible Do not crush it! Use tweezers or a special tick removal instrument close to the skin surface, i.e.

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Allergie Saison

Allergy season

Brike, rye, grasses & many more Allergy season Pollen count in spring Pollen count Pollen allergy - symptoms The concentration of grass and tree pollen in the air is highest between April and August. However, the first swarms of pollen can appear as early as February and March. From October onwards, most plants stop flowering and the pollen season ends. Occasionally

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