Watch out! Ticks!

Vaccination offers the safest protection against TBE

Tick bite: What now?

Remove the tick as soon as possible

  • Do not crush!
  • With tweezers or a special tick removal instrument near the surface of the skin, i.e. on their mouthparts Remove

Observation of the puncture site

Lyme disease: if there is a clear ring-shaped reddening of the skin, typically paler in the centre than at the edges, a doctor should be consulted for further clarification

Flu-like symptoms: TBE danger!

What is TBE?

TBE stands for tick-borne encephalitis

Inflammation of the brain and meninges

Symptoms: high fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, neck stiffness and sometimes paralysis.

TBE can cause permanent damage and is fatal in some cases

There is no treatment for TBE. Only the symptoms can be treated.

TBE vaccination - Vaccination offers the best protection!

From the 1st birthday

4 weeks after the first vaccination

5 - 12 or 9 - 12 months after the 2nd vaccination - depending on the vaccine

1st booster vaccination: 3 years after the 3rd vaccination

Further booster vaccinations: every 5 years

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