Allergie Saison

Brike, rye, grasses & many more

Allergy season

Pollen count in spring

Pollen count

Pollen allergy - symptoms

The concentration of grass and tree pollen in the air is highest between April and August. However, the first swarms of pollen can appear as early as February and March. Most plants stop flowering from October and the pollen season ends. Occasionally, however, pollen can still be in the air during this time.

  • Sneezing and blocked/runny nose
  • Reddened, itchy and watery eyes
  • Cough, scratchy throat and mouth or palate
  • Skin rashes

Pollen count in April

Weak flight

Hazel, alder and first grasses

Moderate flight

Beech and oak

Strong flight

Elm, ash, birch, poplar and willow

Current pollen count

A pollen count calendar is a table that shows the pollen count, which pollen types fly in which region at what time and how strongly the load is. This allows you to see at a glance when you should be particularly careful and which countermeasures make sense.

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